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Casey Anthony dunking booth taken down

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ/CNN) - Fairgoers in Kentucky got a chance to see Casey Anthony, or at least a fake one, get dunked in a dunking booth until the fair pulled the plug on the controversial attraction.

Controversy is not what you'd expect to find at the Lexington Lion's Bluegrass Fair.

"I don't think it's right. I think that's going a little bit too far because she's already suffering," said fairgoer June Hopkins. "No doubt in my mind, 24 hours a day, that's running through her mind. She had a beautiful baby and God is the one who is going to give her punishment."

Others said it was all fun and games.

"I think it's funny and I think it attracts a lot of people. It doesn't offend me at all. I don't understand why people get offended by that," another visitor, Jovanny Lopez, said.

But the booth was shut down by the fair board a day later because they didn't want it to derail from their overall goal of raising money for charities to help people who can't afford vision and hearing services.

"Throughout the day, we received many opinions, both positive and negative. Rather than take the focus off the original idea of what the fair is about, we decided to take the booth down so we don't have any distractions," fair spokesperson Michael Kaplan said.

"We apologize if anybody was offended and we hope that everybody will still come out."

The booth operator declined to comment on the situation.

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