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Bamboo stabs teen in neck

LYNCHBURG, VA (WSET/CNN) – A teenager in Lynchburg, VA, was impaled in the neck by a bamboo stick while playing with friends.

Dez Heal, 13, was pretending to be a ninja and put a bamboo stick in the back of his shirt. He accidentally fell on the spear.

"He was screaming and you could hear it in his voice that he was freaked out," said Nicholas Blencove.

Blencove thought his friend Dez Heal was hurt for good.

With his lips blue and his face ghost white, Dez ran inside the house to his dad, who called 911.

"I heard my son yelling for me," said Dez's father, David Heal. "It entered right here on the right side, then came out about three inches back, just behind his ear."

"I'm thinking that I might pass out, maybe during the surgery when they pull it out, it might start gushing and they might not be able to save me," Dez said. "I'm hoping it hasn't hit anything important."

Fortunately for Dez, the stick did not hit any area that could threaten his life, but it did strike a nerve.

"It makes you think about the value of life," David said.

The stick was stuck in Dez's neck for five hours before doctors removed it.

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