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Hindus sue deli for spiritual cleansing costs

EDISON, NJ (NEWS 12 NJ/CNN) – A group of Hindu vegetarians have been cleared by the courts to sue a restaurant owner for serving meat in their pastries, costing them to take a soul purifying trip to India.

The group ordered a tray of vegetarian pastries from Moghul Express in Edison, NJ, in 2009. The "Samosas" were to be eaten to celebrate India Day.

According to an earlier court decision, the tray given to the group labeled vegetarian, but after eating a few of the pastries, the group was concerned they had meat in them.

The group sued in Superior Court, and the restaurant acknowledged the mix-up. A judge dismissed the case in 2010, but after an appeal, an appellate court has given them the green light to sue.

Devout Hindu beliefs require followers to eat only vegetarian, according to Pra-Deep Kothari of the Indo-American Cultural Society.

"The theory behind that is that they should not hurt even the smallest of animals," Kothari said.

The group is seeking money from Moghul Express to make a voyage to India for a purification ceremony, but Kothari says asking a small business to fund a trip for more than a dozen people is excessive.

"First of all, you can pray at home and [say] 'God, please forgive me,'" Kothari said. "You can go to the temple and ask God for forgiveness, there are multiple ways."

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