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Threatening e-mail sent to Councilwoman Fullilove by animal activist

(WMC-TV) - Memphis Councilwoman Janis Fullilove has asked Memphis Police to investigate a threatening e-mail she received from an animal activist.

Fullilove said she continues to take heat over the problems at the pound.

"I've had people going through my garbage and people lurking around my house," said Fullilove.

She said the e-mail filled with strong language regarding problems at the Memphis Animal Shelter she recently received has her most concerned.

"It bothered me when she said, 'I hope you die in a fire,'" said Fullilove.

The author, who is outraged by ongoing problems at the shelter, compared Fullilove to Michael Vick and, "any other low life who abuses, tortures and kills animals, or lets it happen."

"Anybody who knows me knows I love animals," said Fullilove.

Fullilove said she does not recognize the name of the person who sent the e-mail.

"She will know me very soon," said the councilwoman.  "As soon as the police finish their investigation, she'll know me quite well."

The e-mail is part of an ongoing backlash for how Fullilove responded to a different inquiry last month.  When the author questioned whether the city mayor was attending shelter advisory board meetings, Fullilove replied, "so what?"

"I meant to say, 'so what do you want me to do?'" she said.  "So that 'so what' resonated all around the world, all around the country."

Fullilove, who has five cats and a dog, said she wishes her critics would put down the poison pen and put their passion for animals to good use.

"They love animals, I believe that," said Fullilove.  "Come here and adopt some of them.  Catch a plane, catch a train, get in your cars, carpool, I don't care.  Come and adopt some of these animals."

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