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Residents complain about power failures after recent floods

(WMC-TV) - It's been almost three months since floods washed away many portions of the Mid-South. 

Now, residents in the Chisholm Lake are of Lauderdale County are trying to clean up, and are frustrated because their electricity won't stay on.

"It's a disaster," resident Elizabeth Lewis said. "It's a lot of hard work. Lots of things we can't do, we have to do by hand, because there's no electricity in several spots."

"I don't know whether it's a lack of concern or lack of effort," resident Walter Hall added. "They're supposed to have an up to date system."

Forked Deer Electric provides power to Chisholm Lake residents. Company officials say between the May floods and this year's severe weather, it's been tough to keep up.

They say the problem with keeping the power on stems from a bad regulator, which boosts power to the area.

"I'll go and take a break in the store, and we'll be sitting in there and all of a sudden, the power will just go out," Lewis said. 

Chisholm Lake residents say there's not enough being done to fix the problem.

Power lines still litter the landscape, where hundreds of residents have gone so far as to sign a petition against Forked Deer. 

One man has even filed an official complaint with the State Division of Consumer Affairs.

"It was hot," Hall said. "There are people down here on breathing machines. I'm supposed to be on one and I have a heart monitor."

Forked Deer Electric officials say they're working to replace the bad power booster. In the meantime, Chisholm Lake residents will continue to work with or without any electricity.

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