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Meet our Caring Staff

Evea Marie: Evea, RDA, CDA is our Financial and Account Coordinator. She will make sure you feel welcome and introduce you to the team. She will follow you to the end of your treatment plan ensuring you get a case complete and address your account questions. Feel free to discuss your financial concern as well as your dental


Brooklyn is our Appointment Coordinator. She'll greet you with a delightful smile and welcome you to our family of patients. She assists you with registration and medical history forms. She'll ensure your special appointment time is reserve just for you, direct your calls as needed and gather all the facts about your insurance coverage. Suzan, RDH has a gentle touch in her quality clean. Trained at the University of TN, College of Dentistry, she ensures you'll have a quality visit which provides current education on nutrients, oral cancer screening and assist Dr. Roberson in the treatment and management of oral disease. Get your smile refresh by the best hygienist, call to schedule an appointment 901.527.5359.

Michelle, RDA, CDA is our Clinical Coordinator. She will ensure your clinical visit is pleasant and lab cases are handle and processed quickly. Also she assists the Dr. with improving your comfort and understanding of all dental procedures. She'll help you get there. She also can be seen assisting in the clinical zone


Chiquita, RDA, CDA is our Insurance and Account Coordinator. She will ensure your claims are filed promptly and address all your insurance concerns and respond to your insurance companies' requests. She is well She'll help you get there. She also can be seen assisting in the clinical zone She'll help you get there. She also can be seen assisting in the clinical zone

Delois Roberson, DDS is our cheerful motivator who provides quality oral health care with the assistant of a great team of professionals.  We are co-partners in your oral health care.  Please freely discuss all your concerns with us.  Thanks for selecting GDC for your oral health care needs.  Dr. Roberson, also serves on the Dr. Benjamin Hooks Job Corps Council, Delta Technology Board, Remington Board and Concord College Board.



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