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Dead animals being disposed of at landfill due to broken incinerator

(WMC-TV) - The final resting place for thousands of dead animals is now a landfill.

Mable Dixon of South Memphis told us she loves her pets in life and in death.    

"And every dog I've had, I've buried in my own backyard," said Dixon.

She said she cannot imagine disposing of her dog in a landfill like the one off Old Millington Road.

That is where the city of Memphis now buries dead animals collected from the shelter, private homes, or from the side of the road.

"I don't believe it's right," said Dixon.

Deputy Public Works Director Andy Ashford does not necessarily like it.

"Hate to even think about," said Ashford.  "I mean, I'm a pet lover myself."

Ashford said the city currently has no other option than to use a state permitted sanitary landfill to do its dirtiest of work.

The problem is at the pathological incinerator.  Ashford said it has been on the blink for months.

Located off North Second Street, it is where the city's solid waste department normally disposes of up to 30,000 animal carcasses per year.

There is no money in the budget right now to repair the approximately 30-year-old incinerator, which continually breaks down.

"It's going to cost several hundred thousand dollars to bring it back into operation," said Ashford.

Until then, the natural gas fired flame is off at the incinerator while workers at the landfill continue to bury more than just household trash.

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