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Liberty School teaches 'American principles'

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FL (WFLA/NBC) - One camp in Florida isn't about playing sport or doing arts and crafts, however, it's working to teach children "American principles."

The Liberty School was founded by members of Tampa 9/12 Project, an off-shoot of the Tea Party movement.

They claim it's not politics or ideology that the activities are focused on.

The 8- to 12-year-old campers are learning about how economics and government finances work.

A fictitious member of the British government allows the children to get an idea why this nation's settlers broke free from England.

While some critics may say this could be a form of political indoctrination, its organizers disagree.

"There is nothing new and there is nothing secret about any of this is part of our history, and this is part of our heritage," Liberty School director Jeff Lukens said.

The organizers of the Tampa Liberty School said their goal is to supplement what is taught in the classroom during the regular school year.

"We have the appreciation for a good primary education, so we are just trying to supplement that, and this is a great opportunity to do so and folks have just glommed on," the 9/12 Project's Tim Curtis said. "They are very excited about being able to be involved."

Organizers are thinking of extending beyond the summer sessions.

The session lasts a week and costs $15.

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