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Billboard warns against hotdog dangers

INDIANAPOLIS (WRTV/CNN) - Few things are more American than a hot dog, but a billboard en route to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway reads. "Warning: Hot dogs can wreck your health."

The billboard is sponsored by the cancer project of the non-profit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

"Marion County, specifically, we have 400 new cases diagnosed of colorectal cancer each year and about 37 percent of those people will die of that disease. One can decrease one's risk by eating less meat, and especially eating processed meat, then one may choose to eat fewer hot dogs or no hot dogs at all," said Dr. Cheryl Friedman.

Friedman said an alternative to the traditional hotdog could be a veggie dog, but many people beg to differ about the billboard.

"I think it is just another thing to get people scared. I mean, honestly, I been eating hotdogs since I was a child. I'm not going stop just because they are saying this now. I've had no problems and I'm 30 -ears old now," said hot dog eater Sean Quirk.

So if the billboard is out to scare people, the spokesperson for the Motor Speedway said it's not working, and has some suggestions for people who will attend the races.

"One of the things that make us unique here is that if somebody doesn't like the food we offer, the different options we offer, on our own or a third party vendor, can bring a cooler here at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Pack what you want, as long as it fits our cooler restraints you can pack what you want, whether that is vegetables, or ham sandwiches, or whatever it is," Doug Boles said.

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