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Dozens of Memphis schools fail to meet federal standards

Supt. Kriner Cash Supt. Kriner Cash

(WMC-TV) - Memphis City Schools superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash called a press conference Friday to deliver difficult news.

"Memphis City Schools did not make AYP this year," he said.

Under No Child Left Behind federal legislation this past school year, AYP, or Adequate Yearly Progress, required schools to have 49 percent of students show proficiency in reading, and 40 percent in math.

Out of 194 MCS schools that have federal AYP considerations, 33 schools, or 17 percent of the district, met those requirements.

"We are encouraged by the hard work that is going on in our school system," Cash said.

Cash said MCS got better from last year to this year, but not enough improvement was made, and AYP standards for the upcoming school call for more increases. The new standards require that 66 percent of students show proficiency in reading, and 60 percent in math.

"It just shows that we have a lot of work to do," school board commissioner Stephanie Gatewood said. "A lot of work."

Gatewood said it is time to discuss drastic measures.

"Now would be the perfect opportunity, I think, that we should talk about year round schools," she said.  We should talk about really ensuring that we have more time on tests for our students. If not, we'll never make those gains."

Meanwhile, Cash said he is already in the process of meeting with school principals to demand more.

"How do you orient your students to high expectations and no excuse assignment and work-in and so forth, even though it's a high-poverty and, you know, low participation rate from parents and all that? No excuses," he said.

Students at schools that did not meet AYP standards have the option of transferring to schools that did.  However, it is likely there wouldn't be enough space for everyone.

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