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Mom travels around country looking for daughter's killer

MISSOULA, MT (KPAX/CNN) - For years, an Oklahoma mother has been driving across the country trying to find her daughter's killer, and is hoping to change some state laws so no parent has to go through what she has experienced.

Maggie Zingman's first stop in Missoula, MT is the police station, where she handed out a flier with information about her daughter, Brittney Phillips.

 Someone raped and murdered the 18-year-old girl seven years ago in Tulsa, OK. Her mother buried her on her 19th birthday.

"Without any national exposure, I have to travel across the country whenever I can to try to talk to people about the type of murder. She was raped, in her apartment, in the middle of the night. There weren't any witnesses at all," Zingman said.

There is DNA evidence but no match to a suspect. Zingman has been driving across the country for years, trying to dig up clues to her daughter's killer, but also to change laws that will make it easier to catch rapists before they do it again.

She believes taking DNA samples at the time of arrest, rather than conviction, could keep these people off the streets.

"There's 25 states now that have DNA at arrest. Oklahoma doesn't. Montana doesn't," she said.

Even her vehicle advertises her cause. She said it takes only one person who may be able to catch a killer.

Her daughter's image is all over the car, along with a description of the suspect and phone numbers to call with information.

As she drove from Billings, Zingman said she cried at the beauty of the state and the thought that her daughter would have loved the place.

"Even if we can't find him, I'm going to keep fighting to change these laws, because this is a pain that no parent should have to go through."

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