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First funeral after Norwegian terror attack

NESODDEN, NORWAY (CNN) - The first funeral for a victim of last week's massacre in Norway was held for a young woman whose family was forced to flee Iraq in the 1990s.

A crowd showed up to bid a sad farewell to 18-year-old Bano Rashid, who was shot dead by Anders Breivik as she attended a politics summer camp on the nearby island of Utoya.

She was an aspiring politician of Kurdish-Iraqi descent, and had only weeks ago published a thesis on democracy.

"She was a beautiful girl. Lots of ambition. I think she was going to be a symbol for the Kurdish youth in Norway as well as the Muslim youth," family friend Sivar Jadgar said. "She had big ambitions in the Labor Party I think she would have gone to the Studenham - it's the parliament in Norway."

Hundreds came to mourn at the first ever joint Muslim-Christian service in the country. It turned out to be more than the tiny church could handle, and mourners waited outside.

It was a cross-community outpouring of grief that is Norway's answer for Breivik's hatred of multiculturalism.

"That image of the imam and the priest walking side by side is a very powerful message that we don't want what he had to offer and we have a different alternative," Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Stoere said.

Rashid's funeral is just the beginning. Across the country in the coming weeks there will be dozens more such somber services as the more than 70 victims of Breivik's murderous rampage are laid to rest.

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