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Grasshoppers plague drought-stricken Texas

PARKER COUNTY, TX (WFAA/CNN) - The drought raking parts of South Texas, which saw little to no relief from Tropical Storm Don which fizzled and evaporated, has gained a new surprise bumper crop of grasshoppers.

The flying, chewing critters are everywhere.

One farmer said the reason the grasshoppers are flocking to the fields is because they are going where the water is to munch on anything green that's left.

Larry Waldon, a farmer, said they've sprayed but the insects are still multiplying.

"Bout ten days about we sprayed and probably the crop of grasshoppers that are here now, have hatched out since then," he said.

The area was looking forward to some big rain with the tropical storm, but it petered out when it hit the coastline.

It's the worst drought to hit the area in years, and some parts of the state are missing more than a foot of rain so far this year.

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