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Retailers start back to school sales

SAN DIEGO (KNSD/NBC) - Retail stores have started back-to-school sales to lure more shoppers.

"There's a lot of folks in the back-to-school business these days and they're all looking to get their piece of the pie," said retail consultant George Whalin.

Whalin says early sales are one way to do that.

"They've got to be aggressive; they've got to go after the business. There's not a whole lot out there, you've got to get what you can," he said.

After Christmas the back to school shopping season is the biggest of the year in retail.

Consumers have become major bargain shoppers, demanding deals and knowing where to find them.

"They look for good prices. They're very smart," said John Pollack, JC Penney store manager. "They use their handheld computers, their handhelds for coupons. They shop the web before they come in, they know what they're coming in for and they know the price."

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