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Six gang members arrested for drug trafficking, money laundering

(WMC-TV) - Six members of a Memphis gang have been charged in one of the largest money laundering cases ever in Shelby County.

Tuesday, Tenna Handy was glad to hear that six members of the 7th Street Murda Squad were behind bars.
"They need to be arrested," she said. "They really do. Something needs to be done."

Officials announced the arrests Monday evening.
"When I was coming up, there was no gang activity," Handy said. "If it was, we didn't know anything about it."
The 30 count indictment includes charges of money laundering and drug trafficking.

"The people of Shelby County deserve better than this," said District Attorney General Amy Weirich. "A group of individuals calling themselves this name and trafficking drugs and laundering money right here in our community."

Investigators say the street gang typically frequented the Smokey City, Cedar, and Caldwell areas.
They would engage in cocaine trafficking from Memphis to Millington.
"Their operation basically went from the shadows of downtown Memphis, to just right up here on 7th Street, to the Millington area, where some of these defendants live," Weirich said.
Investigators said the group used thousands of dollars to buy expensive cars and jewelry.
"We seized a Maserati, and an Oldsmobile Cutlass that's an older car, but apparently a lot of work had been done on it," Weirich said. "We seized some cash, some jewelry, and a few other cars."
Meanwhile, the Shelby County DA's office says the investigation is ongoing.

"If they get them, they're doing a good job," Handy said. "We try to stay safe and they try to keep us safe."

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