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Company takes care of employees working in stifling heat

(WMC-TV) - For some people, keeping cool during record breaking heat is as easy as staying inside.  But what about the people who work outside?

As Robert Gross guarded property near Hollywood and Blue Road on Wednesday, he also kept a close eye on the scorching heat.

"The main thing is to stay in the shade or whatever and just stay hydrated," he said.

Gross is a security officer with Clarion Security. In an effort to battle extreme temperatures, company CEO Kim Heathcott said, Clarion is making heat safety a priority by creating a new heat policy.

"If we take care of our officers, they will take care of our clients," Heathcott said.

Acknowledging that working outside in the extreme heat can be difficult, Heathcott said her company is giving its officers food and water to help keep them hydrated.
"We bring two bottles of water on the day shift and a bottle of water on the night shift," she said.

Heathcott added that supervisors also check on the officers throughout the day looking for signs of heat exhaustion.

"Excessive sweating and pale skin - that can be signs of heat exhaustion, nausea, that sort of thing," she said.

Clarion Security has also changed its employees schedules, making shift change at 2pm.

"That way our officers leave at two, and they're not in the extreme afternoon heat all day long," she said.

Gross said employees were appreciative.

"When you have an employer that goes the extra mile, you don't mind going the extra mile, so it's just wonderful," he said.

Heathcott said she hoped other employers would do similar things for employees working in the heat.

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