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Memphis Police Association reviewing hot weather dress code

(WMC-TV) – While the death of a Memphis police officer Thursday was not a result of the heat, the Memphis Police Association is still asking for a review of the dress code.

Despite Friday's cool down, the Memphis Police Association said the triple digit temperatures should not be taken lightly.

"With black or dark blue uniforms which attract the heat, you have officers standing on hot pavement for hours," said Memphis Police Association Vice President Michael Williams.  "They're in the sun working on accidents or crime scenes."

Williams said the ongoing heat wave is tough on officers patrolling the city's streets.  The organization is now pushing to change the Memphis Police Department's hot weather policy.

Officers who currently have tattoos are required to wear long sleeve shirts to cover them up.  Williams said that creates a challenge during the extreme heat.

"There are a lot of officers wearing short sleeve shirts, but because of times and changes and trends, you have a lot of officers that have tattoos," said Williams.  "Therefore, you have a lot of officers that are restricted to the long sleeve shirts because they do have tattoos."

The Memphis Police Association is asking Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong to consider the changes.

"It's very unfortunate, because sometimes you ask for things and the public, council, or administration does not respond until something actually happens," said Williams.

Armstrong was attending a meeting with the Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police Friday and could not be reached for comment.

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