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Some outraged after MCS employees get pay raise

(WMC-TV) - Now that the city of Memphis has been court ordered to pay their share of the city school budget, Memphis City School administrators will be getting a raise.

A 1.6 percent raise for teachers was mandated by the state.  It was Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash's decision to extend the increase to more than 16,000 school employees in every department.

"Our employees deserve this 1.6," said Cash.

The raise is raising some eyebrows at Memphis City Hall.

"Citizens have been calling the Memphis City Council office complaining that while Memphians took a pay cut, board of education members received a raise," said councilman Myron Lowery.

Lowery said hard-working people deserve to receive raises, but the timing is bad because city employees had to take a pay cut.

"That tit for tat won't work for me," said Cash.  "What works for me is that all the employees are going to get a 1.6 raise."

Cash was quick to point out why the city is now having to cut so deep.

"Three years ago, the city took the MCS school dollars, and as part of that $58 million that they took, they turned it into raises for city employees," said Cash.

While the issue was tied up in court, the school district had to lay off more than 1,500 employees.

"We've done the work or making efficiencies in this organization," said Cash.  "The facts are the facts, and now the city government has to take those hard steps."

The salary increase extends to all departments, including custodial workers, security and clerical workers, as well as superintendent Cash.

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