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Ask Andy: Travel insurance

(WMC-TV) - Hurricanes, illness, or even a death in the family can derail your vacation plans.  Travel insurance can help, depending on your policy and the circumstances.

Jeanenne Tornatore with said in many cases, travel insurance will not cover bad weather.

"A lot of times, traveler's insurance will not cover natural disasters, which include hurricanes," said Tornatore.  "So make sure that you're just well aware of what you're paying for."

Cruise ships have good satellite technology and will just change the itinerary.

"So they, for the most part, can travel around a lot of the big storms," said Tornatore.

Even headed to a tropical resort during the busiest time for hurricanes, travel insurance can be great insurance, provided you have the right policy.

"Definitely read the fine print," said Travelzoo senior editor Gabe Saglie.  "There are a lot of travel options out there that may not cover certain aspects of weather delays or may not cover weather at all."

Saglie said the more expensive a vacation, the more you should consider a travel insurance policy.

"If you look at about a $1,000 to $1,500 trip, you're looking at travel insurance that can cost you anywhere from $70 to $100 on top of that trip.

Also, ask about a termination at will clause when shopping for travel insurance.

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