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Some MLGW customers to see one-time credit on August bill

(WMC-TV) - If your home is fueled by natural gas, you may be due to get a break on your August bill.

"Most of our natural gas customers this month will see some sort of credit," utility spokesperson Glen Thomas said Monday.

According to Thomas, the utility is mailing out this insert with details on the gas billing credit. The average customer will be credited $38.

"It is an average," he said. "It could be more; it could be less."

Your refund will be calculated based on the cost of your natural gas bills over the last three and a half years, the savings that were not originally computed into those bills, and any interest MLGW earned from collecting extra money.     

"We wanted to make sure that customers received everything that they were due, so that included any possible interest that was earned during that time," Thomas said.

During a budget review, Thomas said, staff members detected an error in how billing was calculated.

"It is based on customer gas usage between December 2007 to June of 2011," he said.

After deregulation of the gas industry, an MLGW billing employee failed to input the cheaper cost of distributing gas to MLGW customers.

Thomas said it was an honest mistake, and no one will lose their job over the error.

"We over-billed by a small amount," he said. "It ended up being about one dollar per month per customer. But, all the same, it shouldn't have happened, and this is our way of making it right

Thomas said this is a one-time bill credit. If you are no longer an MLGW customer, and you think you're owed money, call the Residential Customer Care Center at 901-544-6549.

For more information about the credit, click here.

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