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Town shuts off water supply then has a house fire

KEMP, TX (KXAS/NBC) - A Texas town shut off its water Sunday to catch up with demand after a major water main break spilled 2 million gallons.

Then on Monday night, the fire department got a call of house fire right down the street, panicking residents in this small town.

The house fire in Kemp, TX, was the worst case scenario for the town that had been without running water for more than 24 hours.

The city shut off all the water Sunday afternoon after the town's two water tanks ran completely dry due to the extreme heat. Workers were in the process of refilling the tanks when the fire happened.

"My husband ran down there, I called 911," said Lanita Grayson, a resident.

Neighbors like Grayson watched in fear as her town's fire department battled the blaze without their own water supply.

Firefighters relied on a portable water tank from the county and the help of neighboring agencies.

Firefighters contained the fire to this home, and no one was found inside.

"Thank the Lord we got people that do what they do trained take care of what needs to be done, that's the biggest deal," said Mayor Donald Kile.

The town's mayor is a volunteer firefighter.

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