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Grocer considering Tucson tragedy memorial

TUCSON, AZ (KVOA/CNN) - A memorial may mark the place where six people lost their lives in January's shooting rampage in Tucson, AZ, where Jared Loughner is accused of opening fire during a meet and greet with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Skye and Bailey Uldrich were helping their mom stock up on groceries at the Safeway store when the shooting happened.

"A memorial is really important because everyone is going to remember like where they were the day that Gabby was shot, and remember the little girl that was killed and all the people that witnessed it, it was horrible," Skye said.

Skye and Bailey want Safeway to put up a permanent memorial honoring the victims.

"People really shouldn't forget, and it would be really good for people if they want to go show their family," Bailey said. "Just the three flags and a plague will help people see just what happened; they can go up and read it and just remember."

Other parents prefer to shelter their children from negative news like the Tucson tragedy, but Skye and Bailey's mother, Cheri, believes it's important to use the news to prepare kids.

"Hopefully they won't go through something like that specifically, but they'll know kids that have gone through hard times and have losses, so I just think it's important to remind them," Cheri Uldrich said. "And also those poor families, that they wouldn't think it happened one day and it's forgotten."

Safeway officials said they are not ready to release any details about a memorial at this time, other than to say plans are in the works.

Congresswoman Giffords and 12 others survived the mass shooting.

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