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Wheelchair racer prepares for Paralympics

(CNN) - Just like the Olympics, the Paralympics are one year from now in London. One racer has high hopes of being in the top.

Scott Stokes has no core muscles, and very little use of his triceps. He fell during a college roofing job 13 years ago.

Stokes has no use of his legs, and only partial use of his hands.

"It takes a lot for somebody like Scott that has the limitation of the muscles that help with the pushing motion are not firing at 100 percent, not even at 25 percent.  So for him that requires a lot, a lot of strength," said Gustavo Duran-Monge with the Shepherd Center.

Stokes grew up playing baseball, football and wrestling while always dreaming of going to the pros.

After his accident, his passion for sports led him to a different one, but he almost gave up before her began.

"I pushed a mile and I called the guy who sold me my chair and I told him he could sell it, that there was no way that I could do this," Stokes said.

But he decided to stick with it, always trying to beat his own times for individual courses.

That dedication led him to become the No. 1 American in his wheelchair racing division.

"Physically, we're going to push the limits as much as we can, just like any other athlete does," Stokes said.

Stokes said he is always looking toward the future, instead of the past.

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