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Single mom sends message to S&P by plane

KIRKWOOD, MO (KSDK/CNN) - Sick of the bickering between lawmakers in Washington and the upset about the nation's credit downgrade, a Missouri mom delivered a special message to Congress and Wall Street by plane.

"When I think something is important, I get out and do something about it," said Lucy Nobbe. "I was at a party on Saturday night, ranting and raving, woke up in the middle of the night, and thought, 'I'm going to fly a plane around Washington.'"

Nobbe went online and found She had the company design a banner for her that read, "Thanks for the downgrade. You should all lose your jobs."

"I thought that is something that I could do that wouldn't cost a million dollars and maybe someone would listen to me," she said.

But there was one little hiccup: Washington, DC is a no-fly zone.

So Tuesday morning, Nobbe decided to go with plan B, and the plane and the banner took flight around lower Manhattan, generating a huge buzz online and in the headlines.

Her daughters, however, did not know what to think. But they were proud.

"She is different than other moms, she stands up and I'm really proud of her. I am glad to have a mom like her," daughter Holly said.

The banner cost Nobbe about $900, but gave her a discount because they really liked what she was doing.

Nobbe said she hopes lawmakers will see her message and decide to cut their summer break short to get back to Washington and fix the budget.

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