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Confessed "Big Bellied Rapist" wants evidence suppressed

Bruce Tuck Bruce Tuck

(WMC-TV) - The so-called "Big Bellied Rapist" wants some of the evidence against him to be suppressed, according to court filings.

Confessed serial rapist Bruce Tuck claims evidence taken from his bedroom and a storage shed his mother rented was taken illegally.

Court documents show that in September 2009, investigators went to the family's home to take DNA from Tuck. At the time, the investigators asked if they could search Tuck's bedroom and shed, and Tuck and his mother agreed.

Then, the pair changed their mind.

During their search, investigators found clothing and newspaper clippings and property that was allegedly taken from the victims.  

Tuck also wants a line-up identification of him, made by one of his alleged victims, to be thrown out.

In court filings, Tuck notes he was referred to in the media as the "Big Belly Rapist." Tuck claims the other people in the line up did not resemble him and it was easy to pick him out considering the "Big Belly" description.

Tuck also wants to withdraw guilty pleas he made Martin, Tennessee, saying he only confessed because jailers in Weakley county kept him on a lettuce only diet. Tuck claims he talked in exchange for potato chips and a soft drink.  

Tuck did not want to appear in an on-camera interview Friday afternoon.

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