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Plaques stolen from veteran graves

WESTMINISTER, VT (WPTZ/CNN) – Police are on the hunt for suspects in the stealing of three veteran's plaques from graves at Westminster Cemetery in Westminster, VT.

Lorraine Spaulding and her sister were visiting the new cemetery in Westminster to place fresh flowers on the family graves.  After their visit, Spaulding's son also stopped by to pay his respects and noticed someone had taken the plaque off of the grave.

"I was very devastated, I said how can anybody be so low as to steal somebody's plaque when they're dead," Spaulding said.

State police say the bronze plaques, which are valued at $400 each, had been pried off of two other graves as well.

"Why do you have to do that to somebody who served I the army," Spaulding sister, Jane King said.

Around Westminster, people say they are shocked by the thefts, and Spaulding feels hurt and upset that someone would take something so close to their hearts.

"It was very special and it meant a lot to me that he did serve that time in the war, and he earned that plaque," Spaulding said. "For someone to come along and take it, it's very unlawful."

Police are still searching for suspects and are asking anyone with information about the plaques to give them a call.

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