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NFL linebacker asks Canadian man for Twitter name

MOOSE JAW, SASKATCHEWAN (CBC/CNN) - A NFL linebacker is asking a Canadian man for his Twitter account.

Kirk Morrison, who has been tweeting for three years, got a call from the agent of a former Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker by the same name, asking for his account handle.

"Everyone's kicking themselves for not making celebrity names earlier and stuff like that but I never did it on purpose," the Canadian Morrison said.

The Canadian Morrison was offered a trip for two to a game to meet the football player, in exchange for switching account names.

The resident of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan said he's willing to make the trade.

"Twitter is a very small part of my life, actually, so I can let my 83 followers go," Moose Jaw's Morrison said. "It'll be tough, but I can do it."

The NFL's Morrison is currently using the handle "kirkmorrison55" - the fifty-five represents his most recent jersey number. But now he wants to drop the numbers.

The football player, who is currently a free agent, said a simple Twitter name would help him build a sports broadcasting career.

The switch is expected to happen early next week.

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