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Jail adopts cats to help inmates relieve stress

NORTH PLATTE, NE (KNOP/NBC) - A Nebraska jail has adopted two cats to live inside the jail in an attempt to bring out the lighter side of the inmates.

When Lincoln County Jail inmates volunteered at the animal shelter, they didn't know they would bring the cats "home" with them.

"We got their mug shots and put them in a couple of cells where we thought they would be better received. We have a list of cat rules that have been laminated for caring for the cat, such as cleaning their litter box, but they are waiting in line to take care of the cat," Sheriff Jerome Kramer said.

"Sarge" and "Nemo" now roam the halls of the jail and live in the minimum security areas of the prison.

"The studies show that it will help with relieving stress and give them something to do something to occupy their time," Sheriff Kramer said.

"They bring out the soft part in you just like your kids do," inmate Guy Meyers said.

The jail staff has even warmed up to their furry feline teammates.

"Our staff loves the idea. It's a really good deal," Chief Deputy Roland Kramer said.

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