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Surfer statue receives prehistoric makeover

ENCINTAS, CA (KGTV/CNN) – A popular surfer statue in southwest California received a prehistoric-style makeover after someone turned it into a dinosaur-themed statue.

The bronze surfer statue known as the "Cardiff Kook" is a big hit with kids of all ages. Someone added small dinosaurs, a volcanic backdrop and a large pterodactyl that seems to be carrying the bronze surfer away. 

"I absolutely think it's a hoot and a half," said resident John Burroughs. "I mean, everybody realizes it's all in fun."

The statue has been dressed and undressed over the years as various characters, but the back of the iconic artwork became twisted and broken because of it. The statue was just repaired at a cost of $3,200 several weeks ago, but residents do not seem to mind, and are enjoying the new additions.

"It's fun," said Leo Napolitano. "It's light-hearted."

"It's wonderful" said Linda Napolitano. "It's all in the spirit of fun."

Most residents say they do not mind if extra taxpayer expense is involved to clean it up or repair it.

"You know, I could live with it," Burroughs said. "You want me to sign up for an extra 10 bucks on my tax bill, absolutely. If it goes to something fun like this, I'm all for it, it's art."

One woman did have a different opinion.

"All taxpayer money concerns me, whether it's getting rid of this or doing anything else around here," said Zelanne Mullins.

The dinosaurs brought a steady stream of people who could not wait to take their pictures next to them.

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