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Japanese student dies in fall from Niagara Falls

NIAGARA FALL, ONTARIO (CBC/CNN) - A Japanese student is presumed dead after falling from Niagara Falls.

Witnesses say the 19-year-old was posing for a picture when she slipped.

"She was sitting right over the ledge, she had one leg over on each side," said Kari Wilson, a witness. "To my husband, I said ... I have a really bad feeling. We got to get out of here."

Wilson says she sensed something was wrong as she watched the student climb up to pose for a photo.

"She was straddling the wall, she had an umbrella, it may have had something to do with taking her off balance," said Doug Cane, Chief of Niagara Parks Police.

Surveillance video caught the incident and police say there was no foul play involved, just a tragic misadventure.

"I said, 'It's that girl, I know it's that girl', I didn't see it happen but I had a feeling," Wilson said.

Officials from Niagara, Erie County Sheriffs and New York Parks police searched the river and gorge but did not find her. The search is now a recovery effort.

There are warning signs everywhere, but despite the tragedy, many tourists are still climbing up to get a better view.

Some think the park could be made safer while others think it comes down to personal responsibility.

Police say no changes to the park are planned.

"I've been in policing for 35 years and I don't recall anybody accidentally falling over that railing in 35 years of service here. It's pretty rare," Kane said.

Police have scaled back the search, and they are attempting to contact the victim's family in Japan.

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