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Bird trapped in car grill gets a new home

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (WSVN/CNN) - The parakeet that went on a wild ride in the grill of a car is now getting a new home.

The wild monk parakeet was trapped in a car grill after a woman in Florida accidentally hit him. He had to be rescued by firefighters and thankfully suffered no serious injuries.

"He's doing really well. He's eating like crazy and he likes to bite," said Donna Fife, a wildlife rehabilitator.

The little guy, named Petey, was adopted by bird lover Joe Bettio.

Bettio, who owns several birds, will introduce Petey to his new flock of friends. He says all his birds love jamming out to classic rock and amazingly all have the same favorite song.

"'Freebird,' of course! What did you think? But we're not letting him free, though. The only place he'll be free is in our house," Bettio joked.

Petey's caretakers at the nature center said they couldn't release him back into the wild because monk parakeets aren't native to the area.

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