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Security cameras will help officers monitor Oxford Square

(WMC-TV) - At least 10 new security cameras will soon go up on the Oxford Square.

Thanks to the new security cameras, officers will be able to monitor Oxford's busy downtown square.

"It's a safety measure," said Oxford Mayor Pat Patterson.  "We have a very active night presence.  Beale Street has them, Bourbon Street has them, and every late night spot I can think of has security cameras."

The cameras have been placed outside of downtown restaurants, bars and stores.

"I think it's going to be good, especially the local retail businesses," said Brooke Richerson, who works on the square.  "Hopefully, it'll stop all the fighting and help hold people accountable for what they do."

The late night crowds can sometimes be rowdy, which sometimes leads to violence and other illegal activity.  Patterson said the cameras will help police solve crimes, while also preventing them.

"They're good cameras," he said.  "If there's an incident, we can identify the parties involved."

"When no one fesses up to what they've done, they can look back at the cameras and they'll find out who is doing what, and it'll make the community better," said Oxford resident Caroline Canavan.

But some students in Oxford said they disagree.

"I think the police has enough presence on the square as it is," said student David Ursic.  "I think the security cameras are an invasion of privacy."

Police said they would like to make the cameras accessible online in the near future to allow anyone to watch.

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