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Two of West Memphis 3 spend first free night in downtown hotel

(WMC-TV) - Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin spent Friday night at The Madison Hotel in Downtown Memphis after being released from prison earlier that day.

Fresh from striking a deal that set them free, Echols and Baldwin did not speak as they arrived at the hotel, where a private party was planned to recognize the occasion.

"We understand there were three children who were victims in this case and that's not lost, but we're celebrating today's result and them being released from prison," said Echols' attorney, Patrick Benca.

The West Memphis Three and their team left a Jonesboro, Arkansas courthouse in a number of large black vehicles.  They were shadowed by an HBO film crew, as well as musicians Eddie Vedder and Natalie Maines, who arrived just before Echols and Baldwin.

Lonnie Soury, a publicist for the West Memphis Three, described what might be on the menu for their first post-prison meal.

"Something healthy, because Damien hasn't had fresh fruit in eight years," said Soury.  "Hasn't seen the sun, so for him, this is really an incredible moment."

Despite earlier information, attorneys said their plea agreement did not include restrictions on book or movie deals for the West Memphis Three, which may be one possible source of revenue in the outside world.

Before arriving at The Madison Hotel, Echols and Baldwin reportedly stopped at the DMV for new IDs.  Baldwin was also apparently fascinated by his attorney's iPhone.

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