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Jason Baldwin soaks in first morning of freedom

(WMC-TV) - Jason Baldwin, one of the newly freed West Memphis Three, took a walk alone in Downtown Memphis Saturday morning.

"Good morning Memphis, good morning Tennessee, good morning America, good morning the world," said Baldwin.  "It's great to be back and I love everybody."

Baldwin, along with Damien Echols, spent his first night of freedom at the Madison Hotel.  At breakfast, he held a copy of the Commercial Appeal with the headline he has waited years to see, "Three Walk Free."

Just after noon, Baldwin and Echols walked out of the hotel with smiles on their faces to waiting vans.

"I'm feeling great," said Baldwin.  "Blessed by the best."

Baldwin said he does not know what he'll do next, nor does he know where he'll live.

"Right now, it's kind of floating in the hands of the people who love and care for me," he said.  "Trying to get my feet under me.  I'm just trusting God to take care of me."

Followed closely by an HBO film crew, Baldwin said he is thankful for the love shown toward him.  He also offered love and prayers for the families of the three young boys killed in 1993.

"I never had a child.  I can't imagine losing one," said Baldwin.  "In a sense, I kind of lost my whole family for a long time."

Friday night, Action News 5 spotted Baldwin walking down Main Street.  He said he is trying to enjoy the rest of his life and his freedom.

"I told the guys at the prison when I left out, 'man, I figured it out,' and they're like, 'figured out what?'"  he said.  "And I'm like, 'the secret of life.'  And they're like, 'what is it man?'  And I said, 'enjoy it.'"

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