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Marquee sparks 9/11 outrage

BOISE, ID (KTVB/NBC) - A marquee at the Egyptian Theatre in downtown Boise, ID, is receiving some negative national attention.

The marquee is advertising an upcoming concert from the band Explosions in the Sky, but what's raising eyebrows is the band's name combined with the date they're playing.

The marquee reads, "Explosions in the Sky concert September 11."

"I think it's unfortunate that the band is being equated with the tragic events of 9/11 in 2001," said Joy Hart, the booking manager at the Egyptian Theatre.

She has no idea how the picture ended up on the New York website and says the timing of the concert on Sept. 11 is a fluke.

"It is absolutely a coincidence," Hart said. "It's very typical that we get big concerts coming through here on Sunday nights."

Those we spoke to in downtown Boise had differing opinions about the marquee display.

"I get why people would be sensitive about it, it is a tragic day in our nation's history, but I feel like we let it get to us way too much," Teresa Barros-Bailey of Boise said.

"Maybe the band could have looked at the schedule and thought, 'Maybe that's not the best thing to have on the billboard,' but I don't know, it's hard to say," said tourist Tom Kraus.

Hart is hoping the recent attention doesn't blight the upcoming concert.

"It's unfortunate that this band has to be equated to those events. They formed in 1999 and I'm sure this is something that they deal with on an ongoing basis," Hart said.

Ticket sales have been steady and Hart said they have not had any complaints.

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