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Man tries to stop truck Fred Flintstone-style

ROSEVILLE, MI (WXYZ/CNN) – A 24-year-old man whose truck had no brakes attempted to stop his car with his feet in Roseville, MI.

"What he was doing was so stupid it was funny," said Roseville Police Chief James Berlin. "He admitted or knew he had no brakes and decided to drive anyhow."

The Warren, MI, man was driving down a busy highway when police noticed him and began to chase him down.

"And going down a major highway like Groesbeck in the middle of rush hour at 40 mph, it's just amazing that this wasn't much more severe than it actually turned out to be," Berlin said.

Before crashing into four vehicles, the man put his truck in park and finally came to a stop after driving 2 1/2 miles from Warren into Roseville.

"He thought he could do it and he wanted to get home - he said he'd had a very, very long day at work, and had to work today," Berlin said. "No alcohol, no drugs, just a serious lack of common sense."

Witnesses say the driver was able to bring the vehicle to a complete stop at least twice during the journey, but rather than stopping to call a wrecker, he continued to drive the disabled vehicle.

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