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Copycat flash mob robs convenience store

WASHINGTON (WUSA/CNN) – A flash mob of young women was caught on surveillance entering a convenience store, stealing items and then fleeing the scene.

The surveillance video shows the 10 young women casually walking into the northeast Washington convenience store and shopping. Some were carrying plastic bags. Others covered their faces as if they knew they were being caught on camera.

"Girls, are you sure, that's unbelievable," said resident Tonja Hanna. "I'm speechless, I have nothing else to say ‘cause I can't believe it's 10 girls going around, robbing people."

The female thieves grabbed candy, chips, sodas and ice cream, roughly five each. At one point, the girls even loaded up a shopping bag before running out in a pack as the store clerk called police.

The morning heist came just after days a similar incident in Germantown, also orchestrated at a convenience store. In that case, 30 teenagers grabbed what they wanted before hustling out of the store.

"In the state of the economy, somebody's hungry, who's to say what's right and what's wrong?," asked a resident.

Police investigators told the store clerk on duty that they know the identities of the young ladies and will take action against them.

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