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Comcast launches internet access program for low income families

(WMC-TV) - Comcast is launching a program to offer internet and free computers to families with kids on free lunch.

State and local officials, educators and Comcast say the program is designed to help low-income families bridge the digital divide.

"This is an effort to try to shrink the gap that exists between those that have internet access and those that don't," Memphis City Schools board president Martavius Jones said.

While America has increasingly become a digital nation, many low-income families are left at a great disadvantage because they don't have Internet service at home.  But the Internet Essentials program is hoping to change that.

Families with children who receive a free school lunch as part of their enrollment in the National School Lunch program will now be given the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits the Internet provides.

"We know the internet is powerful," Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell said. "We know Comcast is a leader in this initiative to move the internet into classrooms and homes."

Families who qualify for the program will each receive a voucher to purchase a low-cost computer for $149 dollars.  They will be eligible to receive residential Internet service for $9.95 a month with no price increases or activation fees.

"The essentials of the internet is just critical," Memphis Mayor A C Wharton said. "You can't do without it. There's nothing optional about this access at all."

Parents looking to enroll in the program can call 1-855-846-8376.

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