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Search for Holly Bobo now a full-time job for her family

(WMC-TV) - As the search for missing nursing student Holly Bobo continues, her family is still leading the effort to bring her home.

The search has taken its toll on the Bobo family.  Just over four months after Bobo disappeared, her family's lives have been turned upside down.

At the Bobo house, the TV never comes on.  Dinner, once spent at the table as a family, now comes as late as midnight because the search takes priority.

"Now all I do is search for my sister," said her brother, Clint Bobo.

Once a social work student at the University of Tennessee Martin, Clint Bobo has now taken up the search for his sister full time.  The 25-year-old is the last person known to have seen Holly Bobo as she was being led into the woods on their property by a man in camouflage.

Instead of attending classes, Clint Bobo travels to neighboring towns and states passing out flyers in hopes it leads to a breakthrough.

Karen Bobo, Holly Bobo's mother, was teaching at a local elementary school when she received the call about her daughter.  She has since quit after 26 years as a second grade teacher.

Authorities are still on the case and are assisted by constant updates from Karen Bobo.

"Sundays are the hardest days because we were together, our whole family, all day long on Sundays," she said.

Holly Bobo's 21st birthday is just around the corner.  Her mother said she would normally be planning her birthday featuring all her favorite food cooked by her grandmother.

With her birthday looming close, her family said they cannot imagine Holly Bobo not being home in time to celebrate.

Karen Bobo said she knew her daughter was in trouble when she got the initial phone call.  She said Holly Bobo had a test that day and should have already been at school.

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