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Local Red Cross workers ready to assist in hurricane zone

(WMC-TV) - Workers at the Mid-South Chapter of the American Red Cross prepared for the worst but hoped for the best as they stood by Friday, ready to help victims of Hurricane Irene.  

"Right now the American Red Cross is pre-positioning supplies and personnel and the vehicles like the one behind me in the 13 states that are making preparations for Hurricane Irene to make landfall," the MId-South Chapter's John Thatcher said.

Four people from the Mid-South Chapter are waiting for their deployment order, which could come at any time.  The chapter has two Emergency Response Vehicles ready to head toward the hurricane victims on the East Coast.

Inside the vehicles, heavy duty coolers can keep drinks cold and meals hot much longer than the average cooler.  

"This truck is equipped to hold 15 hundred meals," Thatcher said.

The nourishment can be served at disaster sites and shelters, in a vehicle that can navigate the toughest terrain.

They have the ability to get into some areas where a regular truck or other vehicle might not be able to reach," Thatcher said.

Thatcher said Mid-Southerners can probably relate to the problems hurricane victims will face when Irene makes landfall.  

In May of 2010 and 2011, we had volunteers from over 40 states that came to the Mid-South to help with our flooding," he said.

That's why volunteers in Memphis will be more than happy to return the favor, Thatcher added.

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