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"Ghost Bikes" a tribute to cyclist killed in hit and run

(WMC-TV) - Some Midtown Memphians are making a statement about the hit and run death of an area cyclist.

Midtowners chained a white bicycle to a pole at the intersection of Madison and Cooper.  Earlier this month, 37-year-old cyclist Chris Davidson was killed in a hit and run accident at the intersection.

They also chained another white bicycle to a pole in front of the Hi-Tone Cafe.  Davidson was leaving Hi-Tone August 13, the night he died.

Hi-Tone employee Joe Chodor said this tribute to Davidson is a sad reminder of the hit and run accident that killed the bicycle enthusiast.

"It's pretty said," said Chodor.  "It's also nice to see that so many people care about him."

The Hi-Tone Cafe raised $5,500 for Davidson's funeral.

"We were all saddened by it," said Chodor.  "There were hundreds of people who come in here all upset about it."

The bicycles painted white are called "Ghost Bikes."  They are memorials for bicycle tragedies and a statement of safe travel for cyclists everywhere.

"It's just a reminder to keep your eyes open and watch out," said Chodor.  "You're not the only ones on the road."

The memorials are surfacing amid a bicycle lane battle.  Midtown business owners say bicycle lanes on Madison Avenue would slow business and prevent patrons from parking.  Bicyclists say the lanes would promote business.

Chodor had a different opinion on bicycle lanes before the accident.

"I figured they could ride on the sidewalks, but then something like this happens," he said.  "It kind of opens my eyes."

The city is working on a compromise.  In the meantime, Chodor said he hopes Davidson's "Ghost Bikes" will give drivers pause for thought.

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