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Tech Tuesdays keep teachers up to date

SHENANDOAH JUNCTOIN, WV (WHAG/NBC) - Many teachers have been out of the classroom enjoying their summers, but teachers in West Virginia have been gearing up for the start of a new school year with Tech Tuesdays.

"We all come to these classes so that we can keep up and do new things in our classrooms so that the students are engaged and want to learn," Storme Burke, teacher at Wildwood Middle School said.

Tech Tuesdays have been going on since June 21.

The courses help inspire teachers with different ways to reach out to their students.

"With Facebook and video games and all the things that kids do at home in their spare time with technology, it's important that we try to bring that into the classroom to get the kids interested," said Thomasa Vandell, a teacher at Harpers Ferry Middle School.

Jefferson County School's technology department has been instrumental in making sure both the classrooms and teachers keep up with the latest in advancements.

"They are teaching the teachers how to utilize the 21st century technology," said Rob Perks, the county's Television and Webpage Analyst. "And so those guys are really invaluable."

The new smartboards, which replace chalkboards, are one example of the new technology teachers are using.

But it's the teachers' desire to learn that makes Tech Tuesdays so successful.

"They see the need to learn, and that education is a lifelong learning process," said Todd Chicchirichi, the county's Technology Resource Facilitator. "And they're here on their own time on the summer and there's no payment. We're not paying the teachers to come. They're coming for the knowledge."

The technology department surveys teachers in the county each year to decide what they want to bring into classrooms for the next year.

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