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Gigwalk app helps college students find jobs

(NBC) - A new smartphone app called Gigwalk helps college kids find all kinds of work.

It blends mobile technology with social networking to match jobs to "Gigwalkers."

"A lot of college students these days are going back to school and they're armed with iPhones as well as Androids, and then they are asking themselves the very common question of how do I earn a couple bucks?" said Ariel Seidman, Gigwalk founder.

Everything from running an errand to taking a photo can be found on Gigwalk.

"You can come into the app, create a profile, start building a reputation for yourself and within a couple of hours you could be out and about and actually earning 30-40-50-60 bucks a week," Seidman said.

When you finish a gig, you send photographic evidence with your smartphone, and thanks to GPS, the client knows you were on the job.

"If you're doing great quality work, they are going to reinforce that for you and give you a higher reputation, which is then going to unlock higher paying gigs as well as more gigs," Seidman said.

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