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Couple fears brown recluse infestation

CLEVELAND (WKYC/NBC) - An Ohio couple is living in a state of paranoia knowing that their apartment may be infested with poisonous brown recluse spiders.

Terry Hopkins first noticed the trail of ants in his closet and then the webs that formed in the corner of his bedroom.

"They call it the violin spider, and that's when I started doing my research," said resident Terry Hopkins.

As more and more crawled out of the woodwork, Terry searched for images of the brown spiders with a white bottom half.

What he found seemed to be a perfect match for a brown recluse spider whose bites can be deadly to young children, and dangerous to anyone else's health.

Terry's wife, Lisa, began noticing marks on her arms, legs, and eventually her scalp.

"She noticed she had pain in her head and I looked through her hair and what I seen was unbelievable," said Terry Hopkins.

A photo was shown to experts at the Akron Zoo, and they couldn't say for sure whether or not it's a brown recluse.

The Health Department will visit the apartment early Wednesday to determine whether or not there is an infestation, and whether any other tenants are in danger.

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