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Libyan civilians who fled begin to return home

(CCTV/CNN) - As events rapidly unfold in Libya, civilians who fled when fighting was fiercest are literally lining up at the boarders to return home.

They left their homes months ago and are eager to get back.

Neighboring Tunisia has absorbed thousands along various border crossings during the six months of fighting. As news shifts, they're heading the other way.

"We are from Tripoli, but for the past couple of months we cannot go back. But now we are going straight to Tripoli," said a Tripoli resident.

Dr. Ashur, a pediatrician from Tripoli who came over to Tunisia to treat children who were injured in the war, said he had seen many kinds of injuries, including fractures and gunshot wounds.

The refugees have waited for hours in the sweltering sun at one crossing. Most are fasting because it's the holy month of Ramadan. Officials said there's a surge at the crossing and the movement of people is going in both directions.

Thousands are crossing each way, some still wary of what's happening in Libya now while others prepare for what could be a desperate situation on the other side.

After they go back to a different Libya, they will not find the same country they left months, weeks or even days ago.

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