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Women at greater risk for blood clots

(CNN) - A recent study published in the British Medical Journal found women who were active had a much lower risk of developing pulmonary embolisms, or blood clots in the lung, than women who were sedentary.  

The study followed 70,000 women over an 18-year period.  

Researchers measured inactivity by how many hours per week the subjects spent sitting, the high being 41 hours, the most active members spend 10 hours or less per week sitting.  

Investigators found the risk of developing pulmonary embolisms was more than double in the women who were sedentary, compared to those who were active.  

And weight had nothing to do with the risk.  

Even correcting for their size or other co-morbidities, they were able to see that just being sedentary increased their risk.

Get at least a couple of hours of movement a day.  And if you sit at a desk, get up for a few quick walks around the office during the day, instead of sitting for eight hours straight.  

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