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Search warrants provide insight into TBI Millington raid

(WMC-TV) - New court records provide further insight into a state investigation into allegations of official misconduct, gambling and bribery in Millington.

Monday, Action News 5 watched as state agents dug up the parking lot at Transmission Doctors in Millington.

"It's just that way that investigations tend to ... evolve," said Kristin Helm with the TBI.

It was the latest raid in an ever-broadening investigation that began July 27.  The TBI stormed Millington City Hall based on information from confidential informant Marlin Roberts, owner of Transmission Doctors.

Mayor Richard Hodges told TBI agents that Roberts had unlawfully removed old gas tanks from underground at his business.

A man named Mike Brown confirmed he helped Roberts dig up the tanks and transport them, plus two loads of contaminated dirt to Roberts' house in exchange for pickup truck repair at a reduced rate.

Brown told agents the dirt under Transmission Doctors was full of fuel and was "real bad."

"We believe it was back-filled with limestone," said Helm.

An initial search turned up soil samples that showed elevated levels of Benzene, a known carcinogen.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation agents collected more samples for further testing as they also cleaned up a potentially dangerous, contaminated area.

A criminal investigation remains open, all based on information provided by two longtime acquaintances who told on each other.

The state said Millington's drinking water tested safe.  There have been no arrests in the case.

To download and read the search warrants in this case, click here and here.

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