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Family desperate to have adopted micro-chipped dog returned

(WMC-TV) - A Tipton County family is desperate to get their micro-chipped dog back after he was legally given away to another family by a local humane society.

Homer Elam never saw the reunion with his dog, Chief, coming.

"They said, 'we have him standing right here,'" said Elam.  "And I said, 'you have got to be kidding me.'"

Chief had been found after running away a year earlier.  Elam was identified earlier as the owner because the dog had been micro-chipped.

"He sent a picture and he said, 'you want to guess who this is?' And I almost jumped out of my seat," said his daughter, Meagan Elam.

The celebration was short-lived, as within minutes, a second micro-chip was found identifying Chief's new adoptive home in Germantown, where he had been for months.  He ran away again and ended up with a veterinarian.

"He wouldn't give him back to me," said Homer Elam.  "He said he was bound by law to give it back to who it was registered to."

A year ago, Chief was taken to the Tipton County Animal Shelter and was later adopted again.  The shelter failed to scan the dog for a chip.

No one knew about the Elams, who were desperate to get their dog back.

Shelter operator Shane Hooks said, "We are willing to change.  We made a mistake and we will change."

Hooks said from this point forward, animals brought to the shelter will be scanned, which comes as little relief for the Elams.

"The primary thing is to bring my dog home to my family," said Homer Elam.

The Elams asked Wednesday that Chief's new family return him to their Tipton County home.  They said they would be glad to refund any expenses that have been spent to keep Chief healthy.

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