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20 cats found living inside Memphis home

(WMC-TV) - Investigators spent hours Thursday inside a home on Macon Road that was filled with cats.

Authorities said the cats were found after officers were called to the house by a landlord who wanted to check on the well-being of the man who lived there.

When he tried to contact the man, who hasn't paid his rent since may, the landlord was overcome by a strong foul odor coming from the house.  Fearing for the man's safety, the landlord called police.

Officers entering the house discovered the feline source of the odor. Authorities said many of the animals were so thin their bones could clearly be seen under their skin.

Inside the house, officers found at least 20 cats, and feces two to three inches deep on the floor.

The animals in the house did not have water.

Neighbors, like Robert Kelly, reported no outward signs of animal hoarding in the house.

"I've seen a few (cats) now and then," Kelly said. "We have stray cats around here, walking the neighborhood, but I've never noticed that many at this particular house."

Police are still trying to determine who is responsible for leaving the animals in such poor condition. Meanwhile, the surviving cats in the house were taken to the Memphis Animal Shelter.

Authorities did not say how many dead cats were found in the house.

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