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Officer accused of lying had troubled past

(WMC-TV) - A Memphis police sergeant is accused of lying to his own peers about who shot him this past weekend.

Sgt. Norman Benjamin was allegedly shot by Martha Mote on Saturday. Mote is the aunt of an under aged girl whom Benjamin was allegedly having a personal relationship with. Benjamin is married with two kids and yet another woman claims she has is Benjamin's fiancé.

Mote faced arraignment Tuesday morning. She's charged in connection with the strange case.

Benjamin has been with the Memphis Police Department for 14 years, after graduating 31st in his class from the police academy in 1997.

By September 1998, he was charged with MPD policy violations for personal conduct and disobeying an order after he was accused of stalking a female officer with whom he was in a romantic relationship while off duty.

After the relationship ended, he admitted making unwanted visits to her home and wrote: "I was depressed in the beginning. I was concerned for her. I should have called first and did not."

Benjamin served a five-day suspension.

In February 1999, Benjamin was charged with MPD policy violations for personal conduct and compliance with regulations.

A ComStat clerk told her superior, "she was alone in the office when she felt someone put his hands on her shoulders then kissed her on the neck, twice."

She turned to see Benjamin, who she didn't know.

"He then said 'Hi,' and simply walked away."

She told her superior, "The next she would knock him down."

Upon being advised of the situation, an administrator wrote "I have a clear idea he should be let go."

In March 1999, he wrote a three sentence resignation letter to Police Director Walter Winfrey that did not cite any reasons.

However, he stayed on the force.

For much of his career, Benjamin was stationed at the Med in the police holding office.

In October 2000, he slapped a patient-prisoner who spit on him and was charged with MPD policy violations for use of force and personal conduct.

At the time, Captain N.L. Morgan noted the previous write-ups and wrote:

"This causes me great concern; I have to wonder if Officer Benjamin is suited for law enforcement. His commanding officer, Inspector Taylor seems to think we can salvage his career with suspension and Anger Management training."

Benjamin served a 30-day suspension and completed an anger management course.

In August 2009, he was charged with an MPD policy violation for insubordination after he was accused of using "an abrasive and rude tone" with his lieutenant.

In November 2010, he was promoted to sergeant and received a pay raise to $59,026.50.

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